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 Meet Ms. Liquigan

Ms. Lovelle Liquigan grew up a very shy child. Always daydreaming according to her 1st grad

e teacher. Ms Liquigan found confidence in playing basketball, reaching the Varsity level. A crossover was made to the theatre later in her life. She found many parallels in sports and the arts, and hopes she can instill the essential qualities of details, discipline, storytelling and teamwork to the students of Leal Elementary.

Among her main goals is to have them realize that these are life skills they can utilize in their everyday lives. She understands that results and performance are important, and at the same time, she finds it invaluable that the work is practiced and reinforced. That it is worthwhile to engage with one another with respect, responsibility and encouragement, and how that can impact positive change within one’s self and the community.

She hopes they recognize that anyone has the capacity to be creative, and no matter what our experiences, we learn to let our empathy lead the way. All this while working as a team in a space that is safe, a space where they have the freedom to be who they are, the freedom to make mistakes, and where the only failure is staying down. Students will come to believe that practice makes better, and that the journey is the dream.

Leal Elementary Arts Program

Address: 12920 Droxford St, Cerritos, CA 90703

Tel: 562-229-7880

Email: LeapforLeal@gmail.com

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