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* Details subject to change without notice. 

Audition Contract

  • Please bring the executed contract to your child(ren)'s audition (Required to Check-In)
  • No Contract = No Audition
  • Contract

Character List

Audition Lyrics

I've Gotta Crow

Audition Song

Audition Song (Instrumental)

Choreography Instruction Video

As a reminder, please review the contract with your child(ren) and have it completed prior to your audition time slot. 

You will need to check in your child(ren) 15 minutes prior to the audition time slot.

Auditioning does not guarantee a spot in the musical.

No Contract = No Audition

Leal Elementary Arts Program

Address: 12920 Droxford St, Cerritos, CA 90703

Tel: 562-229-7880

Email: leapforleal@gmail.com

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